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Testimonies from those that have attended a FOR YOUR LIFE

Healed of Allergies

Clarke Wells - Healed of Allergies
February 2017
      I attended a For Your Life teaching in Corpus Christi in August of 2016. I have battled severe seasonal allergies for my entire life (36 years). I would battle burning eyes, sneezing, congestion, headaches, and sometimes these would lead to other sicknesses. Since the teaching in August, I have not had any signs of allergies. The awesome thing is, I have a lawn mowing business, so I am out in the elements every day. Father God healed me during the teaching and I am so thankful. I have the knowledge and tools to engage in spiritual warfare every day. Thank you to Jolene and her team for this wonderful ministry.

Dennis Fidler -- Healed of Allergies
July 2015
     I got a testimony for ya'll, a healing that I wasn't aware of.  A couple weeks ago I was shredding on our place, since everything dried out from the spring rains, which produced a good crop of weeds like broom weed, rag weed, thistle, Johnson grass and every other weed that USED to send my sinuses into orbit when shredding.  As I was about to finish where I was mowing, I  realized that I hadn't even sneezed yet due to all the dust and pollen off the weeds.  Right away I thought, wow God you healed me of these allergies at the last Teaching in Lampasas. I shouted out praises and some hallelujahs in excitement to our Lord.
     This morning I went and shredded a few acres for some people that needed some help and the results were the same.  And I say thank you God, You are the giver of Life in the True sense through Christ Jesus.  People, we must forgive others as well as ourselves, so God then will forgive us We must forgive people, before He can forgive us as His word states. Never stop seeking Him.

Healed of Cancer

​Karen Swints - Healed of Cancer
March 2017
      I was given a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, a Blood Cancer, in 2013.  The Cancer supposedly had started in my pelvic area and had eaten the top part of my pelvis bone.  I had to walk with a walker for about 2 years so I would not fall.  God healed and restored my pelvic bone though, and I was able to walk again without the walker.
      After years of appointments, Chemotherapy, Radiation and other drugs, the body gets tired.
      I heard about Jolene’s Ministry through Nancy Klink and Debbie Stedham.  So I went to my first meeting in Del Rio.   I wasn’t feeling so great, but went to all four days and was disappointed in Jolene and God.  As I was leaving, I wanted my healing, and I wanted it now.
      But, then the Lord said to me “I make everything beautiful in its time,” Ecclesiastics 3:11.  So I held on to that, I knew (my deliverance and healing) was coming.
      The next meeting I went to was in Hondo, Texas, where I received my deliverance and healing from Cancer.  When Jolene prayed and spoke for Cancer to leave, I knew that it was for me --- I became so hot, from my head to my toes --- We went back to Nan and Bill Fritsche’s home to sleep for the night; I tossed and turned, I couldn’t sleep… I was so hot.  I got up and went to the last day of the seminar… I was burning hot, but cold.  I went through that last day and on my way home, I slept and woke up, vomited and immediately the heat left me.  I was healed from cancer, the spirit left me.  But, I still had not been delivered from unforgiveness.
      I was still on medication… chemo and satan tried to kill me twice during the summer.  My white blood count was so low, they had to take me to the Methodist Hospital from Del Rio (where I lived)… I was in the hospital for four days.  Three weeks later, same thing… my blood count was low, I had a fever, was vomiting, and had diarrhea --- My husband drove me straight to Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, where I spent another four days.  I never should have had that last dose of Chemo.  But, what satan’s means for bad, God means for Good.
      Then there was another meeting in Hondo.  And, I had been so sick.  Jolene recognized a spirit of hopelessness on me and had Pastor John and Sandy pray for me to be delivered from that, and it was like a fog left me --- I could even see better and concentrate better.  After that spirit left me, I had hope again --- Praise God!  Thank You Jesus!  Then Jolene recognized another spirit blocking my complete healing… the ugly spirit of unforgiveness.  Pastor John and his wife Sandy prayed for me and my husband, and I was set free… because I had unforgiveness towards him.
      When I was delivered and set free that spirit came up and out of my belly… and they screeched… I suppose they were mad because they had been vacated.
      Thank you Jolene for your obedience… Thank You Sweet Jesus, You carried that on The Cross for me and Everybody that will receive deliverance as truth.  It Is Truth that Sets Men Free… Thank You, Jesus.

Healed of Female Disorders

Crystal Everett – Healed of Osteoporosis, Ovary Failure
June 2016
     A huge thank u to Jolene Hardy McCord and Heart of Forgiveness Ministry for changing my entire life! Not only have I been healed from different diseases but I am now walking in the authority that God gave me, defeating the devil, and staying healthy the way God created me to be!!
      Exactly one year ago in July of 2015 My greatest fear of never having a family came upon me. I had three doctors tell me that at the age of 25 my ovaries have failed and I would never be able to conceive children on my own. I broke down like never before and felt so heart broken, I could not even describe the pain. I always imagined being a mother one day and to be told I could never have a family of my own killed me inside and out. I felt I was not only giving up on life and myself, but giving up on God. I blamed God for everything that happened to me, if he loved me why would he do this to me? why would he allow something like this to happen to me? why me? I didn't know any better, I was lost and broken.
      To make things worse this disease also brought on another disease and from there I just felt weaker. This second disease was, early onset Osteoporosis. My bone density was so low for a 25 year old that I had to be put on medications that I would be taking for the rest of my life. I had chronic back pain and later found out from an x-Ray taken in 2012 that I had a back fracture. My back literally broke from just walking around and doing daily activities because my bones were that brittle at the age of 25. Come to find out my bone problem was actually my first disease, but was only fully recognized because of the ovarian failure disease. So not only my ovaries failed, so did my bones, I was 25 going on 85. The devil was attaching me and I didn't even know it. I was put on multiple medications, I was drinking, doing drugs, and trying any possible way to mask the pain I was feeling, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. I pretty much gave up on myself. I even started seeing a therapist, which is something I said I would never do because it was a sign of weakness to me.
      This was my life for about 7 months until February 2016 when I attended my first For You Life teaching taught by Mrs. Jolene and that is when my life changed forever! I learned so much about diseases, and how to get rid of those diseases. I learned about generation curses and Forgiveness. I learned more about myself, and how to keep walking with God in my authority and not with the enemy. Satan creates disease not father God. God created life and life abundantly! God did not intended for our lives to be filled with disease. I never knew what to expect going into this teaching, I was scared. The very first day of the teaching is when I was healed! After I learned about how bone, back and ovary problems are caused, I got rid of those disease once and for all!! I had chronic back pain every single day, always complaining, always taking medications and after day one of the teaching I have had absolutely NO pain and have taken absolutely NO medications! To go from a fractured back one day, to absolutely no pain or medication the very next day was because of the blessing and healings of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!
      About 2 weeks after the teaching I made a doctors appointment to talk about medications. Without my doctor knowing that I had taken myself off the medications, they drew blood to see how my hormone balance was. A few days after the appointment I got a call from the doctor saying that my body's hormones are at normal level where they are supposed to be and the medications are working! That is when I told her I had not been taking the medications for 2-3 weeks! Not only did I know I was healed, but the doctors just confirmed for me my healing due to those blood test coming back not only normal, but she used the word PERFECT! I have been medicine and pain free since February and I am blessed, happy, and healthy! I have been to two more teachings since then and have been delivered and set free from other stubborn bandages that were trying to hold me back. Jolene can't get rid of me now!! I thank u Jolene for coming into my life and changing it for the better! I know now that it was all in Gods plan for my life to be healed! He puts the desires in our hearts for a reason, so now I know without a doubt I WILL have my very own family one day  :) Children are a blessing from God, and I will receive those blessing on his time. God had to fix me first before I could bring his children into this world as my own. God loves me so much that he brought me out of the rubble I was living in. I was spiritual blinded before and now I am thankful that I can see! My future is bright and I am living every day for Jesus! I can officially say I am very content and loving life right now! Thank you once again to Jolene and A Heart of Forgiveness Ministry for saving my life! I love you all!!!

Barbara Moschilli-Hauntsman -- High Cholesterol Gone, Blood Sugar levels Normal
June 10, 2014
     I have not had a checkup in years. After a couple years of knowing Jolene and going through For Your Life and bible studies at her house, I decided I wanted to go have a checkup to 'see' if there would be an internal difference in my health. The doctor did an EKG and took blood work to run through various tests that check the functioning of your organs, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, etc. 1 week later, I went back to discuss my results. The doctor was acting baffled the whole time and almost seemed skeptical about my results. The doctor held up my EKG results and said that my heart was abnormally strong and extremely healthy. He said my EKG was beautiful. My blood work was unreal! Every negative thing, high cholesterol, high blood sugar levels and the list goes on were non existent. He said he had never seen cholesterol levels so low. ALL of the standard levels that are set to show where 'normal' is supposed to be for your blood work didn't apply to my results according to the doctor. Every positive thing that your body is supposed to release to your body was elevated, everything negative was extremely low. He was baffled. And it wasn't because I work out or am a health nut...I despise both, severely! It's from going through For Your Life's and trusting God to help me to continue a life applying those principles.
Glenda Myers Conklin -- Blood Clots gone and off Warfarin, High Blood Pressure Gone, High Cholesterol Gone
July 27, 2014
     Just wanted to share a testimony about the Lord's faithfulness. He will do what He says He will do. I attended Jolene's first "For Your Life" that she held here in Lampasas a few years ago at New Covenant Church. Jolene and I had also been meeting for one on one ministry for about a year. I have attended her home groups also. God has richly blessed me through these teaching and is healing my body, soul and spirit. I had to deal with a lot of self rejection and self hate, generational and just plain me. Stinking thinking. I have known Jolene since way before she was healed and I see how God has healed her and now uses her to heal others. On Dec. 31, 2011, I was rushed to the ER with life threatening illnesses. I had two blood clots go to my lungs, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, and they found I had a high sugar count while I was in the hospital, which I was admitted to for about a week. When released, I was told that I needed to be on warfarin for 6 months to a year and might never be able to get off of it. So for a little over a year and a half, I have been going to a clinic and keeping up with all that I had to do while on it. Two months ago I turned 65 and with that came Medicare and was told that I needed a primary care Dr. So I tried to get into see the Dr. that my husband used to see. It took two months, but in the mean time, I saw his PA and of course she started me on a barrage of test. All this time, before and after being in the hospital, I am calling Jolene and asking "Ok, what is the root cause of this, what is the root cause of that, etc." She has been so loving and giving to me and my daughter. She would answer and sometimes pray with me, sometimes I would take it to the Lord myself. Sometimes my daughter would walk me through the 8 R's. It has been hard at times to learn to walk it out, but it has been good, now don't get me wrong, God isn't through with me yet. Still have sins and issues to deal with, but learning to walk it out is a real good thing. It keeps me in right relationship with my Heavenly Father for one thing. And now for the rest of the story, last Thursday I finally got to see the Dr. and got the results of all the tests: first, I'm off warfarin, no blood clots, my cholesterol is so great that the Dr. kept saying I can't believe how low your cholesterol is. My thyroid is perfect, my triglecyrides (sorry, can't spell) are perfect. The PA had been having me keep a record for 2 months of my blood pressure because it was high when I first went in. After repenting for worrying about the future, and starting to treat my body like it is the temple of the Holy Spirit, as in cutting back on unhealthy foods and walking every day, the Dr. said I would never put you on medication with numbers like that. The bone density test they did was normal, I said oh, so now I am finally normal. Don't think they appreciated the humor. And all the other test were great. He said no problem with my sugar and that my immune system was perfect. I give all the glory to God. 

And many more works of God