The International Spiritual Warfare
It's A Good Day To War!
2017 Spiritual Warfare Teachings


Evening 3/16 "Schizophrenia" Part A  Pastor Ron Brunson teaching from Pigs in the Parlor Guide to Deliverance by Frank & Ida Mae Hammond                                                 

Evening 3/17 "Schizophrenia Part B  Pastor Ron Brunson with deliverance warfare prayers

3/18 "MPD, DID" Mental Illnesses and how to be delivered in Christ Jesus  Dr. Phillip Morris

3/18 "Do's & Don'ts in the Deliverance Ministry  Evangelist Frank Marzullo, Jr.

Evening 3/18 "How the Enemy Gains Ground" Evangelist Geri McGhee

3/19 "Blessings & Curses in Deut. 28" verse by verse walk and deliverance prayers Geri McGhee

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