The International Spiritual Warfare
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Thank you for your prayerful consideration in joining and supporting the Team - Enroll Now and its good until 12/2018


NEW....Effective April 1st, 2015..All Team Memberships Renew Annually during the Month of December

New Team memberships have started and are Good until December 2018

Husband & Wife $150 annual  

Individual $125 annual 

Team Joining Packages

Annual Team Certificate 

Spiritual Warfare Book by Pastor Jim Landry or other Team member submissions

Website: International Website listing, contact information, Home page

Listing of all book publications dated 2014 - present

Advertisement of three or more day seminars and conferences

Annual Texas Conference Registration Paid

When possible, we attempt to provide evening snacks or meals each evening for this level of participation - associates not included


Associate Membership $50 Annual Gift

Annual Team Membership Certificate and website hosting of your ministry only


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We cannot place a value on learning more in the ministry of spiritual warfare - However,we provide you $300 in value for your Deluxe membership contribution. For that reason No receipt is given for tax deduction. The Team is not in the raising money ministry, but helping its members reach their full potential and fulfilling their destiny. We pray your consideration in supporting this work.

Pastor Jim Landry

Team Chairman