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"The Journey Back Home" byEvangelist Angela Grauke

God was on the scene to bring Deliverance to my Children and their children, during the critical times of emotional and spiritual and physical problems in their lives. Even when they were roaming the streets and being locked up in Institutions, He had given His Angels to watch over them and to keep them safe. He was going to bring them to the end of their Journey. Though the road was wide to destruction He was going to bring them to the narrow pathway of peace and safety and Eternal life and not death. Several years as I was coming back from visiting my Brothers and Sister in Michigan, God spoke to me concerning my whole family and said: “He had all bases covered and He was working in the unseen”. We had no idea where this Journey was going end when we started, but I had the assurance that it was going to have a happy ending. A crown of life was waiting for all of us. The old saying is that there is always a light at the end of every tunnel! Amazon Books Email: