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"SERPENT SEED" Christian or Non-Christian? By Jim

What is Serpent Seed Doctrine? Simply stated, the serpent seed doctrine teaches that the sin of Adam and disobedience of Eve was not simple disobedience, but sexual contact with the serpent, and that Cain was the son of Eve and the devil. Cain’s descendants are, according to this idea, the sons of Satan, and this includes most any race or group that the serpent-seed believer chooses to dislike. These groups teach that all of Cain’s children are the seed of the serpent and purposed against the children of God. Their teachers and their followers allege Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3) was sexual. Eve had intercourse with the Serpent and begot Cain, whose father is really Satan, not Adam. Cain's descendants were supposedly somehow perpetuated after the flood (usually through Noah's son Ham). Diverse groups teach variations of this doctrine. Cain's descendants are Jews according to one organization named the Christian Identity Movement, Communists/Atheists according to the Unification Church, Whites according to the Nation of Yahweh, the lost according to Evangelist William Branham, an American Christian minister and faith healer and several additional groups that will be referenced in this booklet. If these doctrines were true, it would justify racial hatred toward the Blacks, Jews, Whites, or any other race which one wished to ascribe to Satan’s origination. However, these ideas are not true, and are easily proven false by Biblical scriptures which I shall cover later in this writing. There are several serpent seed doctrine theories. I will cover what appears to be the two most predominate teaching known and their origin.