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Spirit Warriors – Exorcism for the Ekklesia

How to Expel Demons (2021) 6”x9”, spiral bound, 330 pages. $19.95 ePUB $3.99. Order at: https://SpiritWarriors.us. Dr. Massey has put in 40 years of study and experience to equip believers to be practical and functional in the Kingdom of Christ. ? Learn the Dynamics of Exorcism and the Great Evil Commission ? Follow Jesus who delivered from Addiction, Disease, Perversions, Curses, & Cults. ? Overcome the Assaults against Mind, Body & Spirit ? Mind Gatekeepers: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly ? 160 Terms of the Dark Crafts ? Six Minds Satan uses to Defeat and One that Cannot be Defeated ? Big Rulers: Python Spirit, Self-Ordered Murder, & Rejection