The International Spiritual Warfare
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Erica Shepherd, Ph.D.  Chef Joseph Shepherd, Minister of Operations      

Dr. Erica established Breakthrough Missions in 1993. Which went on to become "Deliverance The Miracle Ministry" and today some 25 plus years later, Erica Joseph Shepherd Ministries. Erica Shepherd is an author of several books that reveal the intensity of her commitment and purpose to "Set The Captives Free." Apostle Erica Shepherd has extention ministries in England, Canada, Jamaica, and working on the Philippines in addition to the work stateside. 

Our Mission, Uncovering, Exposing, Destroying the Hidden Things of Darkness and Casting Out the Demons, Bringing the Evil Human Spirits under subjection, along with all their influence and Infestation, operating through Hidden Oppression, and Hidden Word Based Programming.

"Through the "Integrated Healing Prayer Model"                     

IHPM, INT'L, Reconnect to Jesus

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Dr's Vann & Sandy Hutchinson

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At Vann Hutchinson Ministries, we give believers the weapons with which to take back the spiritual ground that was lost at the time of the fall of man. Our ministry is based upon winning the lost for Christ through signs, wonders, and miracles as given in the great commission.

Our Teachings Include:

All areas of spiritual warfare

How to receive and maintain your healing and deliverance

Basic deliverance for yourself and others

Basic doctrines of Christian faith

Divine health

Advance deliverance

We have 25 years of ministry experience

Doctors of theology

Radio ministry

Television ministry

Professors at Pee Dee Bible College and Seminary



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